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Hitozuma Onsen 2 ~Kozukuri Onsen Ryojou~


TitleHitozuma Onsen 2 ~Kozukuri Onsen Ryojou~
Original title人妻温泉2~子作り温泉旅情~
AliasesHitozuma Onsen 2 - Kozukuri Onsen Ryojou (making a baby in a hot spring resort)
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperGyuunyuu Soft
PublishersGyuunyuu Soft
Hitozuma Onsen ~Miwaku no Tabiji~


Jun is now with Akira's mother, Misako.
A year later, while he begins to think about the marriage, Misako brings up an idea of going to a hot spring for 3 days.
However, at the meeting spot on the departure day, he finds both Misako and Akemi waiting...

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