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Geuraedo Geunyeoreul Geuriwohanda

그래도 그녀를 그리워한다

TitleGeuraedo Geunyeoreul Geuriwohanda
Original title그래도 그녀를 그리워한다
AliasesI still miss her


How far would you go, to take back your lover?
"I still miss her" is visual novel "Gal game" which you can conquer 4 beauty girls.
The antagonist "Jin-Tae" took your lover by using illegal drug. Now you must take back your lover and have revenge by taking the other lovers of Jin-Tae with a help of your Partner "Sin-Ah"

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Korean (1)
2015-09-0313+Geuraedo Geunyeoreul Geuriwohanda

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Geuraedo Geunyeoreul Geuriwohanda

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