Yume no Sono ~Garden of Dreams~

Yume no Sono ~Garden of Dreams~
TitleYume no Sono ~Garden of Dreams~
DeveloperPrimum Soft
PublishersSekai Project
Sekai Project


Running away from the insanity of their own worlds, Iris Stella Marinari, and Tomii Reika always took refuge within their dreams. Stranded by the waves of time, they meet each other at the outskirts of the ghost town of Sumaq Urqu, the legendary City of the Lost Ones.

It has been said that one cannot cross the dream passage to Sumaq Urqu alone, so Iris and Reika must venture together into this mysterious city. Along the way the two will attempt to find the truth behind the disappearance of Reika’s mother and may also uncover horrors that have been sealed away by The Architect, the entity in control of Sumaq Urqu.

- Sekai Project


TBAYume no Sono ~Garden of Dreams~
TBAYume no Sono ~Garden of Dreams~


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