Gossip Girl ~Celeb na Kare no Yuuwaku~


Gossip Girl ~Celeb na Kare no Yuuwaku~
TitleGossip Girl ~Celeb na Kare no Yuuwaku~
Original titleゴシップガール~セレブな彼の誘惑~
Publishers Voltage


A dating sim set in the Gossip Girl universe. The main character is a woman who recently moved to New York and joined the Constance Billiard School for Girls. She will become acquitanced with a bunch of young men and women, with cameos of characters from the original series.

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Main characters

Alex Lambert
Alex Lambertアレックス・ランバート A
Birthday19 November
Hair, Orange
Eyes, Amber
Personality, Kind
Role, European, High School Student, Prince, Wealthy


The heir prince of an European Country.
Despite being supposedly defective on his royal duties, he's always caring with the protagonist.

Izaac Schnauzer
Izaac Schnauzerアイザック・シュナイザー B
Birthday19 May
Hair, Grey, Short
Eyes, Green
Role, High School Student, Wealthy


The son of a powerful NY broker.
A young man with a cool exterior, he always acts rough to the protagonist, but there's more to him that meets the eye.

Mark Jones
Mark Jonesマーク・ジョーンズ AB
Birthday21 March
Hair, Black
Eyes, Black
Personality, Energetic, Womanizer
Role, High School Student, Wealthy


The son of a movie company president.
The school resident's playboy, he always carries a smile on his face, but he seems to be hiding something behind it.