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Bengarachou Hakubutsushi


TitleBengarachou Hakubutsushi
Original title紅殻町博物誌
Aliasesべんがらちょうはくぶつし, Bengara-chou curiosity record.
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
PublishersBusiness Partner
Shares characters
Hotch Potch
Shops» JP¥ 2933 @ DLsite (jpn)


Tomohisa has some memory of his childhood. When he was a kid, he was often playing at some place near his house. But his parents don't remember it. Tomohisa doesn't remember it clearly, either. One day, he finds a notebook. It is about history and things happened at a small town. It's just eccentric, so no one pays attention to it. But he knows who wrote it. It's his uncle, who has been missing for years. The notebook includes a town he spent his childhood. He soon gets interested in the town and decides to visit there. Days later, he arrives at the town, but there are a lot of strange things and customs in the town. He finds various curious goods there and gradually gets to know a secret of the town and his past....

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Mini reviews

By onorub on 2020-11-15Vote: 7.6
<report>Despite how short it is, this is totally a slow burn VN. The focus is almost all on the atmosphere and watching the characters walk through this little town is so weirdly engaging is almost therapeutical. There are better VNs out there when it comes to slice-of-life but if you want an experience that focuses on the sense of exploration i recommend it. Good, almost great VN.

Ranking down girls: Emilia>Tooko>Shirako>Matsumi.