Kaen Seibo ~The Virgin on Megiddo~

火焔聖母 ~The Virgin on Megiddo~

Kaen Seibo ~The Virgin on Megiddo~
TitleKaen Seibo ~The Virgin on Megiddo~
Original title火焔聖母 ~The Virgin on Megiddo~
DeveloperStudio Line
Publishers KOBI Co., Ltd.
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The year is 2013. Powerful companies decide to build a new city on a piece of land that remained from the old times, somewhere on the northeast of Japan. This city is constructed with the help of the most modern industry, based on an operation system that is capable to create the most progressive form of urban life - the so-called "intelligent city". But something goes wrong. It seems like a virus that creates a fire substance inside of human beings' bodies. The disease soon became known under the name "Spontaneous Human Combustion". Particularly one district of the newly built Izanami City seems suspicious. Kento Rando, a high school student and an apprentice detective, is given a mission to investigate the mysterious case. Seigai High School is going to be the principal area of investigation. Needless to say that in order to solve the case, Kento will have to find the best strategy talking to the beautiful high school female students...

Kaen Seibo is a Japanese-style adventure which relies largely on conversations and the choices you make during them. However, the game also contains elements of Western-style adventuring. There are items that must be found, picked up and used at appropriate moments. There are areas where you can move through a 3D-like environment, viewing it from first-person perspective. During the dialogues, you also have commands that are accessible through a menu. There are also segments with a time limit.

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2001-08-02All ages  Kaen Seibo ~The Virgin on Megiddo~Fully voicedNon-freeCommercial2 GD-ROMs


Character summary

Main character Akimura Mizuki
Voiced by Nagasawa Miki
Main character Kanzaki Remi
Voiced by Fukami Rica
Main character Karyuuin Tomoe
Voiced by Tamura Yukari
Main character Kitagawa Manase
Voiced by Hiramatsu Akiko
Main character Mikano Kyouko
Voiced by Chiba Chiemi
Main character Moriguchi Shino
Voiced by Hanba Tomoe

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