Ingoku Oujo ~Senjou ni Ochiru Futari no Ikusame~

淫獄王女 ~戦場に堕ちる二人の戦女~

TitleIngoku Oujo ~Senjou ni Ochiru Futari no Ikusame~
Original title淫獄王女 ~戦場に堕ちる二人の戦女~
AliasesIngoku Queen ~Two Corrupted War Maidens~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Developera Matures
Publishers G Spot & a Matures


In a faraway land, in a long forgotten age, the human realm of Torakia and the Orcish empire went to war. Torakia's queen herself went to the frontlines to lead a vengeful strike on the Orcs' maniac fortress.

However, neither she nor her people knew... the true enemy was among them.

On the eve before the attack, Queen Yuuno and the lady General Minerva were imprisoned and brainwashed with a nefarious lust.
Their campaign awaits you, mired in conspiracy and desire......

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