Fuuraiki 3


Fuuraiki 3
TitleFuuraiki 3
Original title風雨来記3
Publishers FOG & Nippon Ichi
Fuuraiki 2


Chihiro Sakiki is a rookie reporter who’s still getting his feet wet. Enamored with the land of Hokkaido, he finally makes his way there in order to participate in the “Eimeiten,” a beginner’s division that’s part of a major contest in the publishing world known as the “Shinkouten.” Considered to be the industry’s equivalent of the Olympics, after an article produced for the Shinkouten catches his eye, he finds himself drawn to join the fray, thereby entering the world of publishing.

While not without his worries, his excitement at the new adventures awaiting far outweigh those other sentiments. Unable to hold himself back, with his trusty camera on tow, he hops aboard his trusty motorcycle and heads off in search of the best photo he can take.
[From Gematsu]


2013-04-26All ages  Fuuraiki 3 PreludeNon-freeCommercial1 CDTrial version of the game that let you play the first 3 days. It also includes a prologue to the game, wallpapers and panorama photos.  
2013-05-3115+  Fuuraiki 3Non-freeCommercial1 DVD  
2015-02-1915+  Fuuraiki 3Non-freeCommercialAdds new heroine and new story elements.  


Character summary

Main character Aizawa Nagisa
Voiced by Ayase Yuri
Main character Mizushina Sayo
Voiced by Hanafusa Mirai
Main character Tomura Izumi
Voiced by Yokoo Megumi
Main character Yukishiro Akari

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  Fuuraiki 3

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  Fuuraiki 3

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