Bakunyuu Sennyuu Sousakan ~Honnou e no Nikuyoku Kyousoukyoku~

爆乳 潜入捜査官 ~本能への肉欲狂奏曲~

TitleBakunyuu Sennyuu Sousakan ~Honnou e no Nikuyoku Kyousoukyoku~
Original title爆乳 潜入捜査官 ~本能への肉欲狂奏曲~
AliasesBursting Breasted Undercover Detective
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperDrop Project
Publishers Drop Project
Shares characters
Bakunyuu Police Chikashitsu no Kiseki...
Mesuniku no Juuyoku Chitai


Japan in the near future
The idea of prosperous Japan became a myth, and people live in poverty.
People started to rumor about an underground kingdom where vicious crimes are organized exists somewhere in this country.
May from "Special fighting force Snake" started investigating on this.
However, one incident occurred and that was the beginning of her downfall...

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