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v18454.142018-09-30 at 17:42gregorySicknessStaff
v18454.132018-06-27 at 08:08testerSicknessThank's for link. FIXED screenshots in this edition. Full size 1920x1080 as in previous; No window frames; No marks.
v18454.122018-06-26 at 16:10beliarSicknessReverted to revision v18454.10 I refer you to our screenshot guidelines d2#6 once again. This is your last chance to do it correctly, before I lock
v18454.112018-06-26 at 09:52testerSicknessPlus pictures from Russian version!
v18454.102018-06-25 at 17:37beliarSicknessReverted to revision v18454.8 Read our screenshot policies d2#6. Your screens do not correspond to them.
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v18454.82018-06-25 at 15:45[deleted]SicknessRemoved wrong resolution screenshots. Must be highest native resolution (in this case 1920x1080) with no window borders.
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v18454.42016-02-11 at 14:25palasSicknessFurther corrected the protagonist's name
v18454.32016-02-11 at 14:24palasSicknessCorrected the protagonist's name
v18454.22016-01-12 at 18:56joshua1207SicknessAdded some of the composers.
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