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v18486.232019-07-12 at 07:02xg70dTsumamigui 3changed screenshot to NSFW, in compliance with the screenshot guidelines at link Also, I don't understand why you had to delete the other
v18486.222019-07-09 at 05:01punkTsumamigui 3Added SS
v18486.212019-03-16 at 10:27shinnewTsumamigui 3Song title. link
v18486.202019-03-05 at 17:18nekonekogirlTsumamigui 3staff
v18486.192017-08-11 at 04:01xg70dTsumamigui 3added getchu link.
v18486.182017-06-19 at 15:26aslakkiTsumamigui 3spelling
v18486.172017-06-10 at 18:39cockblockulaTsumamigui 3Reverted to revision v18486.15 incorrect alias - No evidence of that alias being used in relation to this trilogy anywhere around the web.
v18486.162017-05-18 at 03:25xaviersylfaenTsumamigui 3Added a translation of the title to English in the aliases section that maintains the double entendre of the original.
v18486.152016-08-17 at 09:53shinnewTsumamigui 3Staff.
v18486.142016-07-09 at 12:13multiTsumamigui 3Reverse relation update caused by revision v19661.1
v18486.132016-06-28 at 19:58shinnewTsumamigui 3Anime.
v18486.122016-04-18 at 06:20weilaiTsumamigui 3..
v18486.112016-02-22 at 16:16deltaxixTsumamigui 3Add Length of the game
v18486.102016-02-09 at 03:44otakuman007Tsumamigui 3edit
v18486.92016-02-09 at 03:43otakuman007Tsumamigui 3She is not his legal stepmother. They just have such relationship.
v18486.82016-02-09 at 03:37otakuman007Tsumamigui 3She is his Sister-in-law, not Stepsister.
v18486.72016-02-06 at 23:23trinityTsumamigui 3Added description.
v18486.62016-02-03 at 17:29[deleted]Tsumamigui 3Seiyuu
v18486.52016-02-02 at 17:48skychaserTsumamigui 3Added screenshots.
v18486.42015-12-08 at 13:04zutron34Tsumamigui 3More up to date cover.
v18486.32015-10-29 at 11:25partizan14Tsumamigui 3staff
v18486.22015-10-20 at 14:37zutron34Tsumamigui 3better image
v18486.12015-10-20 at 14:27zutron34Tsumamigui 3New entry