Maou to Seijo ~Norowareshi Injoku no Rinne~


TitleMaou to Seijo ~Norowareshi Injoku no Rinne~
Original title魔王ト聖女~呪ワレシ淫辱ノ輪廻~
AliasesThe Devil King and the Holy Woman, The King of the Devil and the Saint Woman
DeveloperBlack Lilith
Publishers Black Lilith


The Devil King has been brought back to the world!
Ryou Okasaki is the main character who plays as the revived Devil King in this game.
Amane, who is a reincarnated holy woman, blocks the way of the main character greedily devouring the desires at the high school by using the strength of the cursed Devil King.
The enigmatic beautiful girl, Tsubame, also makes an appearance, collaborating with the main character in rapidly developing the holy woman in this brainwashing, pregnation training adventure!

[From Dark Translations]