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v18561.72017-06-03 at 11:58shinnewOneshota DX4Staff role. link "グラフィック … K.KNP" Unless there's a different source for the scenario credit.
v18561.62017-06-03 at 11:22skorpiondeathOneshota DX4staff
v18561.52016-01-08 at 22:38multiOneshota DX4Reverse relation update caused by revision v18559.5
v18561.42016-01-08 at 22:37multiOneshota DX4Reverse relation update caused by revision v18558.6
v18561.32016-01-08 at 22:07slv76Oneshota DX4Original cover
v18561.22016-01-08 at 22:04slv76Oneshota DX4sm
v18561.12015-10-30 at 01:39darkdhaosOneshota DX4Added novel