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v18564.142016-04-05 at 09:49alexandraidvLove is StrangeThe WP article being linked is about Life Is Strange. This fan game isn't even mentioned there.
v18564.132016-04-04 at 15:45rinsaber28Love is Strange150,000 words is longer than most western commercial VNs sold for money, and cannot be called short. link Most of this particular developer's
v18564.122016-04-02 at 22:01dk382Love is StrangeIt's not that long, only 150,000 words. That's on par with many other "short" titles on our site.
v18564.112016-04-02 at 00:52teawithcarinaLove is StrangeAdding length (not certain of this though, could be classified long.)
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