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Bara Sensou -Sonnet of Seeds-

薔薇戦争-Sonnet of Seeds-

TitleBara Sensou -Sonnet of Seeds-
Original title薔薇戦争-Sonnet of Seeds-
Bara no Kishi Series - Richard Ou


A grand romance taking place in Medieval England.

The Lancaster family under the banner of the red rose.
The York family under the banner of the white rose.

After the end of the Hundred Years War the separation of these two factions leads to continuing chaos.


Japanese (1)
TBAAll agesBara Sensou -Sonnet of Seeds-


Full character list

Character summary

Baron CliffordMain character
Crown Prince EdwardMain character
Earl of MarchMain character
Earl of PembrokeMain character
Earl of WarwickMain character
GeorgeMain character
Charles the BoldSide character
Commander PikeSide character
DeckSide character
FoxSide character
GildSide character
HauserSide character
Henry VISide character
Louis XISide character
MargaretSide character
NoahSide character
OwlSide character
Puck the FairySide character
RatsSide character
Richard, Duke of YorkSide character
TomSide character

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