Muma Shoujo Sylvie


TitleMuma Shoujo Sylvie
Original title夢魔少女シルヴィ
AliasesSilvy the Succubus
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers Babel


Silvy the lolita soulsucking succubus latches onto a freeter otaku.

He's got the libido she wants and she's got the looks he loves, Silvy takes his virginity and then some, milking him into a blackout...

The next day, the otaku wakes up as horny and virile as ever.

"I've never met anyone with such a wealth of sperm and durability... I'm sorry to have ever insulted you with my arrogance."

From that day, awestruck Silvy milked him again and again and again......

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