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Era of Monsters

Era of Monsters
StatusUnfinished, no ongoing development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperMerula O
PublishersMerula O


An evil witch cursed a baby princess of a small human kingdom so that the girl would be ugly for her entire life. Fifteen years later, the princess decided to take fate into her own hands and attacked the castle of the witch together with her nanny, who was a light mage herself. Unfortunately, the witch didn’t remember that she had cursed that princess, so she couldn’t help her. Therefore, the nanny decided to take the witch with them to make her help with seeking out a way to remove the curse. She imposed obedience on the witch with a spell so that the girl couldn't disobey her orders. After that, they decided to go to Triakrid, the flourishing city where only light mages live. There, they find bubbling political cauldrons, interspecies warfare, and plenty of secrets… and maybe even a little romance, as well?

[From Lemma Soft thread]


English (1)
2013-06-05Era of Monsters - Demo

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Character summary

???Main character
DrakeMain character
FreynirMain character
KuonMain character
MalikMain character
RikiMain character
TheoMain character
TillMain character
AnnettSide character
Princess WilhelmineSide character

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