Neko Para Vol.2 Shimai Neko no Sucre

ネコぱら vol.2 姉妹ネコのシュクレ

Neko Para Vol.2 Shimai Neko no Sucre
TitleNeko Para Vol.2 Shimai Neko no Sucre
Original titleネコぱら vol.2 姉妹ネコのシュクレ
AliasesNEKOPARA vol.2 Des soeurs filles-chat tres gentilles, Cats Paradise 2
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperNEKO WORKs
Publishers CFK Co., Ltd. & Denpasoft & NEKO WORKs & Sekai Project
 CFK Co., Ltd. & Denpasoft & NEKO WORKs & Sekai Project
 CFK Co., Ltd. & Denpasoft & NEKO WORKs & Sekai Project
 Hunie Heads
 Distant Sky;
 Re: LieF TranslatioN
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Business is booming for La Soleil, the patissiere run by Minazuki Kashou with his two catgirls, Chocola and Vanilla, his sister Shigure, and the Minazuki family's four catgirl sisters.

Among them are the sarcastic oldest sister who hides behind a facade of toughness, Azuki, and the clumsy youngest sister who always tries her best even if she ends up doing more harm than good, Coconut. No one got along better than these two catgirls when they were younger, but lately, they've been fighting all the time.

Despite their sisterly love, a small misunderstanding ends up driving a wedge between them. As the story of these catgirl sisters unfolds, they'll grow to understand each other and strengthen their familial bonds in this heartfelt catgirl comedy, which is only a little lewd. Now open for business!

[From Steam]

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AliasesTakoyaki Catgirl
Hair, Bob Cut, Grey, Short, V Bangs
Eyes, Green, Slit Pupils, Tareme
Body, Furry Tail, Kemonomimi, Pale, Short, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Blouse
Personality, Energetic, Friendly, Immature
Role, Cat, Pet, Vendor
Subject of, Bridal Carry
Engages in (Sexual), Not Sexually Involved
Voiced bySakura Emi


Feline species: Unknown

A cat vendor who works as a takoyaki seller in the park.