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v18723.242019-09-24 at 16:49echozuluPurely x CationAdded 'English' subtitle like the other 'x Cation' titles have.
v18723.232019-03-04 at 17:56veshurikPurely x CationWith all appends it adds the length
v18723.222019-02-27 at 14:41kdabraone1Purely x Cationbetter Image.
v18723.212019-02-26 at 11:52veshurikPurely x CationAdd alias
v18723.202018-12-22 at 18:12terios121Purely x Cation...
v18723.192018-12-22 at 15:33x-rayjPurely x CationAdded alias.
v18723.182017-10-25 at 04:04multiPurely x CationReverse relation update caused by revision v20406.18
v18723.172017-10-24 at 07:43multiPurely x CationReverse relation update caused by revision v20406.16
v18723.162016-12-17 at 16:57davidlu9837Purely x Cationadded screenshots
v18723.152016-12-03 at 17:45varioPurely x Cation+1
v18723.142016-09-09 at 09:26varioPurely x Cationdirector
v18723.132016-06-01 at 18:38traumatizerPurely x Cationstaff
v18723.122016-05-03 at 20:45takumi75Purely x Cationadd legth
v18723.112016-04-04 at 13:46traumatizerPurely x Cationstaff
v18723.102016-04-01 at 04:31weilaiPurely x Cation..
v18723.92016-03-08 at 02:23[deleted]Purely x CationAdjust Cover Image
v18723.82016-02-27 at 06:36tutujisiroPurely x Cation..
v18723.72016-02-22 at 19:42kzelPurely x CationCVs for Sumire & Touka
v18723.62016-02-19 at 10:29klutchPurely x Cationcv
v18723.52016-02-19 at 10:28klutchPurely x Cationcv
v18723.42015-12-04 at 16:37nananaPurely x Cation+2
v18723.32015-12-04 at 11:46multiPurely x CationReverse relation update caused by revision v6682.22
v18723.22015-12-03 at 12:11satsukiPurely x Cationfix
v18723.12015-12-03 at 12:10satsukiPurely x Cationnew