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v18738.92019-06-24 at 10:33surferdudeNarcissu 0alias
v18738.82019-02-25 at 21:17nekonekogirlNarcissu 0staff
v18738.72016-08-13 at 23:55jazz957Narcissu 0cast
v18738.62016-08-13 at 23:48jazz957Narcissu 0cast
v18738.52016-08-13 at 22:48jazz957Narcissu 0length
v18738.42016-08-13 at 22:47jazz957Narcissu 0staff, i have no idea which composers actually worked on zero, so i just added everything in the credits
v18738.32016-08-13 at 14:15saymon600Narcissu 0Adding Scenario writer
v18738.22016-08-12 at 20:27zeysoftNarcissu 0Add description from steam page. link
v18738.12015-12-10 at 20:31jazz957Narcissu 0add