Danjo no Yakuwari ga Marukkiri Irekawacchatta Sekai!?


TitleDanjo no Yakuwari ga Marukkiri Irekawacchatta Sekai!?
Original title男女の役割がまるっきり入れ替わっちゃった世界!?
AliasesHiroto and the Inverted Society of Lust!?
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Dieselmine


What if young girls had the obsessive desire of a teenage guy!?
When social roles are inverted, Hiroto's world becomes a paradise. <3

Okuda Hiroto was an ordinary high school student. Except his life was curiously absent of all female contact.

"I'd like to get laid......! Sex! AAAAUGH SEX "

I just want a girl to let me woo her...
Hiroto wished day after day. Then, all of a sudden, the world transformed to fulfill his wish!

Now, girls of every personality that he tried to talk with was instantly, desperately grateful for his attention.
Pure-looking girls turned out to have heads full of pure-filth. This was so easy! He could get with anyone!

* The New Dynamic
Every day girls masturbate with a singular obsession. Even the prude-looking types have raunchy fantasies, they're all naughty freaks in polite packages.
Easy pickings, if only someone would show them the slightest interest...
Why won't more guys just talk to them? Horny adolescents are going insane with the same silent cry

" I want to lose my virginity SO HARD! "

Thank whatever heaven for giving these girls "guy libidos".

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