Releases for Bloody Chronicles

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Bloody Chronicles - Demo  Freeware, doujin 
1920x1080Fully voiced2016-03-01All ages
Bloody Chronicles Act 1 - Secret Operation (patch) 
NA for patches2019-07-1516+
Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death  
Non-free, doujin 
1920x1080Fully voiced2019-08-0116+The protagonist and some minor characters are not voiced.
Bloody Chronicles Act1 - IF MODE "Kaoru" (patch) 
NA for patches2019-12All ages* This version of the DLC doesn't contain R18 / sexual content.
Bloody Chronicles Act1 - IF MODE "Kaoru" R18 (patch) 
NA for patches2019-1218+
Bloody Chronicles Act 1: New Cycle of Death - Package Edi...  Non-free, commercial 
1920x1080Fully voicedTBA16+Available to those, who pledged 70 USD or more on Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns.
Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death - R18 Patch (patch) Non-free 
NA for patchesTBA18+Bloody Chronicles Adult Edition will offering something akin to an expansion pack, containing bonus erotic scenarios and adding blood to certain scenes of violence. The only changes in Bloody Chronicles Adult Edition compared to the main scenario involve the visual depiction of some violent scenes (the text remains identical) and the addition of some partial nudity.

The erotic scenarios are not presented as part of the main game but in "If Mode" as a bonus accessed from the main menu.
In "If Mode" you can choose Aki, Kaoru, Suzumi and Akito.
Story Line for "If Mode" should takes about 3 hours of game play with 6 CG's for each characters.