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Red Spider Anecdote:Triangle


Red Spider Anecdote:Triangle
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)
Developerstudio wasp
Publishersstudio wasp

Red Spider2


Red Spider

Red Spider3:A Heroine Never Dies


Hong Kong noir style visual novel.

An anecdote of "紅蜘蛛/Red Spider." Takes place 3 years before Francis has been shot.

It has been four years since he left "The Web," a Hong Kong-based assassination organization.
Yvet was working as a singer at the Amaryllis nightclub run by Yeung Kwun, the president of the Red Flower Society, an underworld organization operating in the Kowloon area.

One day Yvet learns that her former acquaintance Lai, a former detective, has opened a detective agency, and she visits him to renew their old friendship.

Then, a model named Yanyan is murdered in a back alley in Kowloon Bay.
Arrested as a suspect is Yanyan's lover, Panther, a burlesque dancer.

Francis, a lawyer who is Yeung Kwun's son and Yvet's lover, is assigned to Panther's defense and asks Yvet to investigate the case.


Japanese (3)
2015-12-2612+Red Spider Anecdote:Triangle
2016-01-1512+Red Spider Anecdote:Triangle for Android
2016-02-0212+Red Spider Anecdote:Triangle for iOS


Full character list

Character summary

Voiced by Mettan
Voiced by Kuzuhara Mizuho
Voiced by Shishamo
SunnyMain character
Voiced by Kamiya Tomoki
YimeiMain character
Voiced by Hagiwara Yui
YenMain character
Voiced by Yukino
YanyanMain character
Voiced by Takekawa Kaede
Ti WaiMain character
Voiced by Takamine Kanae
RoyMain character
Voiced by Kiri Masato
LungMain character
Voiced by Kiri Masato
FatsoMain character
BreezeMain character
Voiced by Denrimo
PantherMain character
Voiced by Ganimata
JeffSide character
Voiced by Ootake Takanori
RoseSide character
Voiced by Asaba
Lau Ming WaSide character
Voiced by Yayoi Yamato
Big BSide character
Voiced by takenokonoko
JohnnySide character
Voiced by Sakuya
Inspector LeungSide character
Voiced by Yuunagi
Yeung KwunSide character
Voiced by Ganimata
Shrewd LouSide character
Voiced by Yuuma
Doctor WuSide character
Voiced by Ganimata
Boss TingSide character
Voiced by Wan Nyan Master

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