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Rising Angels: Fates

TitleRising Angels: Fates
AliasesRising Angels: Fates Apostate, Rising Angels Apostate
DeveloperIDHAS Studios
PublishersIDHAS Studios & Sekai Project
Alternative version
Rising Angels: Fates Allegiance
Rising Angels: Reborn


Possessing the crystal that almost killed the lives of the brave crew of the KSS Nimross, Special Investigations and Tactics officer Natalie Puccile is on the run from those she once served alongside. With nothing but the scraps of information from her previous investigation, Natalie is forced to scour the galaxy for hints of the truth and support from those who trust in her. But with threats from all sides closing in, will her skills as an investigator and the faith of those loyal few be enough to prevent the truth and safety of the galaxy from disappearing into nothingness?

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TBARising Angels: Fates
TBARising Angels: Fates - Free Edition


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