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Natsu no Kusari - Trial Edition  Freeware, commercial Non-standardFully voiced2016-02-2618+Resolution: 1152x720.
Natsu no Kusari - Download Edition  Non-free, commercial Non-standardFully voiced2016-03-2518+Superseded by r65920. Resolution: 1152x720.
Natsu no Kusari - Package Edition  Non-free, commercial Non-standardFully voiced2016-04-2818+Resolution: 1152x720.
Natsu no Kusari - Okuno Shinji's Natural Voice - Voice Ch... (patch) Non-free NA for patches2016-09-1618+In the base game, the protagonist Okuno Shinji uses a voice changer to hide his identity. This patch replaces these voiced lines with his natural voice.

Compatible with both the physical and the digital release of Natsu no Kusari.
Natsu no Kusari  Non-free, commercial UnknownUnknown2017-07-0718+
Natsu no Kusari - Best Price Edition  Non-free, commercial Non-standardFully voiced2018-03-0218+Resolution: 1152x720.