Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel
TitleGuardian Angel
Original titleガーディアンエンジェル
DeveloperVridge Inc.
Publishers Datam Polystar


Protagonist Eric will have to borrow the mysterious power from an angel to protect his beloved one.


2003-02-27  Guardian AngelNon-freeCommercial1 DVD  


Character summary

Main character Cecilia Morandi
Voiced by Kawakami Tomoko
Main character Estell Delight
Voiced by Noda Junko
Main character Lucia
Voiced by Tokunaga Ai
Main character Nina Ganache
Voiced by Kingetsu Mami
Main character Tifa Pagette
Voiced by Satou Akemi
Side character Cleive Rubach
Side character Hawk Shebline
Side character Keith Rain
Side character Leticia Nazaui
Voiced by Mannaka Yukiko
Side character Miriam
Voiced by Nagasaki Minami

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