Netorare Mahou Shoujo ~Anata o Ushinaitaku Nakute...~


TitleNetorare Mahou Shoujo ~Anata o Ushinaitaku Nakute...~
Original title寝取られ魔法少女〜あなたを失いたくなくて…〜
AliasesNetorare Magical Girl ~I Don't Want To Leave You...~
Publishers PHASE#END


Ruri was a lonely magical girl.

Her days were spent battling terrible monsters, in solitude, to save the world.
She was a deathbringer, bathed in the blood of her victims which replenished her spirit.
One day, she met a young man, Kouhei.
In his clumsy way Kouhei accepted the darkness that Ruri carried, and they steadily fell in love.

Their happiness was shortlived.

A monster attacked Ruri and Kouhei defended her, striking him down.
Ruri's contract allowed her the purchase of one miracle. She used it to save Kouhei.
The cost then had to be paid to a cruel debt collector of a man.

What Ruri had to do for this man, was more repugnant than any monster.

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