Elemental Arts


Elemental Arts
TitleElemental Arts
Original titleエレメンタルアーツ
Publishers BAROQUE
 AGREE Taiwan & SYMBIOSYS MULTIMEDIA, INC. & Soft-World (Beijing) Electr... & Soft-World International Co...


It's been ten years since the Devil was defeated by five heroes. Peace was maintained under the rule of the heroes. People kept summoning demons and forced them to work and live and terrible conditions.

Ren lived in a mountain locket with his parents. Occasionally girl named Lier came from the village to visit them. But one day Ren was attacked by a group of three bounty hunters who were searching for powerful demons and sealing them. Ren was surprised to know he was a demon even though he was brought up as a human. His powers were unsealed by the bounty hunters attack and he set on a journey. At first he was only seeking his family enemies, but observing the humiliating life conditions of demons he eventually begins to oppose the reign of brave heroes.

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1999-12-10All ages  Elemental ArtsNon-freeCommercial1 CD
2000-01-27All ages  Mofa ShaonianNon-freeCommercial1 CDTraditional Chinese, p1304 did the translation, published by p6441 and p6442.  
2000-08-15All ages  Mofa ShaonianNon-freeCommercial1 CDSimplified Chinese


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