Bitter Truth

Bitter Truth
TitleBitter Truth
DeveloperChisa Studios
Publishers Sekai Project


Emilia, known as the “perfect girl” at Littlewood High, is insanely popular. Her life is complete now that Callister, the most popular guy in school and one of her best friends, has become her boyfriend. They’ve been going out for a while now and are living quite happily... until Emilia's childhood friend, Lily, transfers into her school. What's more, an interesting new student worker named Max just showed up at her job! With these two NEW ARRIVALS and William, her other best friend, added to the mix, life may be far less perfect than Emilia thought.

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2016-02-0213+    Bitter Truth ~Main Story~ DemoNot voicedStory: No animationsFreewareDoujin1280x720Internet download  

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