May Club


TitleMay Club
Original title五月倶楽部
AliasesVR Date - Gogatsu Club, V.R.デート 五月倶楽部メイクラブ, メイクラブ, VR-DATE Simulator May-Club
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperDesire & Haoh
Publishers Excellents & The Asenheim Project & Haoh & Desire
 Milky House & The Asenheim Project & BaSFTech & JAST USA & RCY America & ViLE team
May Club 2
Available atJAST USA Memorial Collection Special Edition at J-List for US$ 4.95 »


The year is 2023, and you play the role of Hajime Kudo, a young man who has just finished his studies at Jiyugaoka University. Hajime is enjoying some downtime after graduation before he is scheduled to start his training with a CAT company and enter the corporate world as a "wage-slave". One February afternoon you receive a flyer advertising a Virtual Reality Dating Simulator called May Club, apparently the most advanced human interface unit of this type to be developed. In May Club, you can supposedly act out any desire you wish with other May Club users, a world where "virtually" anything is possible and physically represented, and inhibitions are forgotten. Naturally, you're intrigued, and make it a point to spend your vacation time at May Club hoping to meet the woman of your dreams before starting your new life.


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Main characters

Asaka Kirara
Asaka Kirara浅香 きらら 
Personality, Friendly, Immature, Secretive


This girl is incredibly sexy, and she dresses to show herself off. However, she acts very immaturely. What's with her?

Hayami Hiromi
Hayami Hiromi速水 浩美 
Personality, Friendly


She's just like a female version of yourself! Of course, this means you two get along really well, but you're unsure if you can really develop any deep feeling for her.

Ichijou Maina
Ichijou Maina一条 舞菜 
Hair, Long, Violet
Eyes, Brown
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Releases> Main character - r542:May Club DX
> Main character - r11335:May Club DX

> Main character - r28404:May Club DX

> Main character - r50928:May Club DX

> Main character - r7826:May Club DX - Download Edition

> Main character - r12129:May Club DX - Low Price Edition
Mitanuma Kazumi
Mitanuma Kazumi三田沼 一美 
Personality, Genius
Role, Hacker
Engages in, Computering


Kazumi makes quite an entrance into the game. She's a genius hacker in May Club just to fool around with the programming. She's rather amused by your romantic tendencies.

Mitsuzawa Mikoto
Mitsuzawa Mikoto光沢 美琴 
Personality, Serious


Mikoto's an officer for the Computer Virtualware Moral Organization. Her job is to make sure no questionable behavior goes on in May Club. In other words, she prevents people from having sex! Could you possibly have any chance with her?

Mitsuzawa Misato
Mitsuzawa Misato 
Personality, Friendly


Your first meeting with this attractive young student is quite puzzling. She seems anxious to get away, but she also speaks to you in a very friendly manner, almost like she knows you...

Nishikubo Rieko
Nishikubo Rieko西久保 理恵子 
Personality, Outgoing


She's just your type, except for that cheeky attitude. If you could get her to stop jabbing you, a relationship might actually be possible.

Nishikura Keiko
Nishikura Keiko西倉 圭子 
Hair, Blond, Long
Eyes, Brown
Body, Visible Nipples
Clothes, Earrings, Necklace
Role, Host(ess), Singer


Keiko's a singer in a high class club; she's elegant and sophisticated. Surely she couldn't have any interest in an average nobody like you?

Shinohara Akiho
Shinohara Akiho篠原 秋穂 
Personality, Short-tempered, Shy
Role, Office Lady


This is one agressive, moody girl. One minute she'll be yelling at you, the next quiet and sullen. Also, she doesn't seem to be in May Club for dating...

Sukawara Rei
Sukawara Rei菅原 鈴 
Personality, Reserved


Rei is sooo shy, but she's in May Club to improve! Your first encounters are a little awkward, but with a little help from you, perhaps she can boost her confidence.