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22 no Kiss no Imi


22 no Kiss no Imi
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperArcadia Project
PublishersD3 Publisher


"There's meaning to where a kiss is given. But a first kiss is something that should only be shared with a person you love..."

The protagonist has dreamed of sharing such a kiss ever since she read a picture book when she was young with a boy.
But she never met that boy again.

She's a normal girl who goes to a normal school and has a normal life.
But when the new semester comes, students from a wealthy high school have to study in her school because of renovations to their building.
That event marks a turning point in her life.

She feels as if the boy from her memories might now be one of the four popular guys from that school.

"You haven't been kissed yet? Well then, how about I do it?"
"'How about I do it?' How can you say something so selfish?! A kiss on the lips is something you should only share with someone you love...!"
"...! Ow.""

Her instinctively raised fist was what started this love.
It was the worst possible kind of meeting.

[Translated from official website]