Idol☆Gyaku Rape!! ~Tenshi-tachi no Omocha ni Natta Ore~


TitleIdol☆Gyaku Rape!! ~Tenshi-tachi no Omocha ni Natta Ore~
Original titleアイドル☆逆レイプ!!~天使たちのオモチャになった俺~
DeveloperDieselmine Mf
PublishersDieselmine Mf
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Related anime[DB-ANN] The Idolmaster (TV Series, 2011)


I wanted to help young girls achieve their dreams. Nothing would have made me happier than to groom pretty starlets and place them on the pedestal of international fame...
That's why I took a job at a talent agency. I thought I could produce girls from amateurs to pros. They all work hard to reach the top. I vowed to work hard to extend that reach and grab the stars.

--- However. It wasn't long before I learned the true nature of these girls.
It started with a mistake: I was late getting a girl to her gig. She laughed it off at the time but when we got back to the agency her demeanor changed, and she steeped her feet in my crotch. I was too shocked to do anything and got laid out. Some other girls passed by us and said "hey" like it was no big deal.

"Mister producer, come again tomorrow please. You can, can't you? Come? No? Hahaha."

I tried complaining to the boss but my mild humiliation paled in comparison to the great hurdles and cutthroat competition these idols have to endure every day. What's more, I was informed that my job was now to be a sponge for the idols' stress, or else I could hit the road. My hopes and dreams took a sharp turn, into the dark world of showbiz......
Yet theirs were true as ever. The girls really wanted to be idols. If I could make that happen, they would go easy on me... probably. Clinging to that faint hope, I became a shameless spunk spigot for cute angels...... which brings us to today.

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This VN is a parody of Idolmaster. The names were barely changed: Minase Iori became MINAzumi mIORI, Kujou Akane became shiJOU tAKANE, Hagino Yuzuho became HAGIwara YUkiHO, etc.

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