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Daisuki na Sensei ni H na Onedari Shichau Omase na Boku no / Watashi no Puni Puni


TitleDaisuki na Sensei ni H na Onedari Shichau Omase na Boku no / Watashi no Puni Puni
Original title大好きな先生にHなおねだりしちゃうおませなボクの/私のぷにぷに
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
PublishersCage & Rune
Shops» JP¥ 1518 @ DLsite


The protagonist Takayuki (default name, can be changed) is working as a home tutor for various children. It's all rather casual at first, but when his students start wanting more of a "reward" when they do well...

Short quiz-game segments that determine how well you've managed to teach your pupil. You can choose at the very beginning who you want to teach, but later on in the game you have to work with more than one student each month.

Full reviews

By tomtheerogeman on 2019-04-28
<report>I stumbled upon this game when surfing VNDB one time, and the first thing I thought was that the art looks really good, at least according to my tastes. Plus one character, Rion, has dog ears, and if that's not enough one of the sample CGs in the online stores shows her wearing teddy bear print panties. It was at that point that I knew I had to get ahold of this game. The game's ratings aren't that great on both VNDB and EGS, and when I went to EGS to read some of the user reviews (minus the ones with spoilers), they said little about why this game didn't score too well. I guess the only way to tell if I would like this or not is if I buy it. This is also a raising sim, something I've never... Read more »