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v19187.42017-02-22 at 02:59eacilHeaven & Hell ~Nagutte Okasu! Saikyou Ryona Battle!~title fixed (yeah, ヘブンズ should be heavens but who knows); should be a better cover?
v19187.32016-06-21 at 19:08skorpiondeathHeaven & Hell ~Nagutte Okasu! Sai Kyou Ryona Battle!~cover
v19187.22016-03-27 at 00:42skorpiondeathHeaven & Hell ~Nagutte Okasu! Sai Kyou Ryona Battle!~info, title, screenshots, cast
v19187.12016-03-26 at 17:16skorpiondeathHeaven & Hell ~Nagutte Okasu! Sai Kyou Ryona Battle~release