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Sotsugyou Vacation


TitleSotsugyou Vacation
Original title卒業VACATION
Same series
Sotsugyou 3 ~Wedding Bell~


The player is on a southern island called Suzunari Jima. The 15 girls from Seika Joshi high school are also on the island for summer vacation.
The game starts as the master of the hotel tells a story of a hidden treasure on this island. Since many of the girls are pretty bored on the island, they decide to go look for the treasure.

Each day, the girls break up into several groups, and go looking for clues in finding the treasure. There are ten different locations on the island, and there are three times during the day (morning, noon, afternoon) that the player/girls can go to these locations. Then during dinner, everyone talks about what happened that day and makes plans for the next day.

[from Hitoshi Doi's site]


1997-10-16Sotsugyou Vacation

Full character list

Character summary

Arai KiyomiMain character
Voiced by Tsuru Hiromi
Cindy SakuraiMain character
Voiced by Urawa Megumi
Inuzuka SaoriMain character
Voiced by Hagimori Junko
Ishibashi MisakoMain character
Voiced by Nanba Chieko
Itou YukieMain character
Voiced by Okamoto Asami
Katou MikaMain character
Voiced by Shimakata Junko
Minami RyoukoMain character
Voiced by Okada Junko
Nakamoto ShizukaMain character
Voiced by Hisakawa Aya
Nishikawa MakiMain character
Voiced by Mita Yuuko
Shimura MamiMain character
Voiced by Kanamaru Hinako
Takagi ReikoMain character
Voiced by Touma Yumi
Tani YurikaMain character
Voiced by Suzuki Saori
Totsuka IzumiMain character
Voiced by Makishima Yuki
Yasuda MainaMain character
Yokoyama MegumiMain character
Voiced by Yamazaki Wakana

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