Shoujo Minority -Nagusame no Ai-


Shoujo Minority -Nagusame no Ai-
TitleShoujo Minority -Nagusame no Ai-
Original title少女マイノリティ-慰めの愛-
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperPure More
Publishers More
 Yidian Hanhuazu
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The story revolves around the protagonist Date Akito, whose father is a genius designer. Akito is forced to move from big city from a village with his father to help him with his job. There, he meets a girl and has sex with her. But after that, the girl says goodbye to him as she hopes she will never meet him again.

But thanks to his father's job, the two meet again. Akito is looking for the answer why that girl would have sex with someone she just met.

"Is love needed in sex?"