Refrain ~Mou Ichido, Sayonara o Iou~

リフレイン ~もう一度、さよならを言おう~

Refrain ~Mou Ichido, Sayonara o Iou~
TitleRefrain ~Mou Ichido, Sayonara o Iou~
Original titleリフレイン ~もう一度、さよならを言おう~
Aliasesリフレイン ~もう1度、さよならを言おう~
DeveloperHiyoko Soft (old)
Publishers Hiyoko Soft (old)


Main character can not understand why Rihoko has distanced from him. When an opportunity presents to be with Hatsune, he jumps at it, but relations stay at more than friends, less than lovers level. One day Rihoko visits protagonist for some minor reason, and feelings awaken anew. There is also a good friend Riko who he likes. Main character wants to be with all three girls... what a clumsy feeling.

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2000-12-1418+  Refrain ~Mou Ichido, Sayonara o Iou~Fully voicedStory: No animationsEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD


Character summary

Main character Anna
Main character Hatsune
Main character Junko
Main character Reiko
Main character Rihoko
Main character Yukari
Side character Kazuki

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