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Furue, Yurayura to


TitleFurue, Yurayura to
Original titleふるえ、ゆらゆらと


Abe Kaguya, a girl with a mysterious disease whereby she suffers a lot of pain when she is touched. One day during summer vacation, she is suddenly transported back in time to the Heian era. She ends up in the capital city – a place where the elegant world connects to the land of death. While wondering aimlessly around she encounters a man called Abe Seimei, an exorcist working for the emperor, who tells her that she will return to her world at the next full moon. Kaguya replies that would be fine in a sullen tone, as she doesn’t know if he’s speaking the truth and is dubious that anyone would believe that she’s actually from another time. The boy, who likes to meddle in other people’s affairs, raises an eyebrow at her nihilistic nature and orders that she must change from being a “living corpse” to a “living person” before he sends her back . However, with this change came the start of her sorrows…

[from Zettai Renai]

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Abe Kaguya安倍 かぐや
Aliases愚かな娘 - Orokana musume (Stupid Girl-Daughter), Abe no hime
HairBrown, Long
PersonalityMoody, Naive, Reserved, Shy, Watashi
RoleNameable, Student
Engages inTime Travel


A girl who time traveled from modern times to the Heian era.
It physically hurts when she gets touched by other people so she keeps to herself.

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