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v19516.112018-03-01 at 18:36bakauchuujinSakura DungeonChanged the edition some pictures were linked to
v19516.102017-12-16 at 13:07bakauchuujinSakura DungeonChanged a picture
v19516.92017-12-16 at 13:05bakauchuujinSakura DungeonAdded some pictures
v19516.82017-02-05 at 16:01gardaresSakura Dungeonadd new staff
v19516.72016-10-13 at 20:26infernoSakura DungeonAdded CG artist.
v19516.62016-08-27 at 02:22multiSakura DungeonReverse relation update caused by revision v19903.1
v19516.52016-06-15 at 14:12gaazSakura DungeonScreenshots
v19516.42016-06-07 at 23:16sanahtligSakura DungeonAdded length.
v19516.32016-06-04 at 17:53chicknduckSakura DungeonAdded releation
v19516.22016-05-31 at 23:49[deleted]Sakura Dungeonchange the description to steams "about this" rather then its stub, also consistent with nutaku's description.
v19516.12016-05-31 at 22:31thewayfarerSakura DungeonHere's to another game by Winged Cloud.