Releases for Sakura Dungeon

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Sakura Dungeon - 18+ Edition  Non-free, commercial 
1280x720Not voiced2016-05-3118+Nutaku received an exclusive early release that was made available on 2016/05/31.
Made available on Denpasoft on 2016/06/03.
Sakura Dungeon - Steam Edition  Non-free, commercial 
1280x720Not voiced2016-06-03Unknown
Sakura Dungeon - Uncensor Patch (patch) Freeware 
NA for patches2016-06-0318+Free uncensor patch for Sakura Dungeon Steam Edition.
Sakura Dungeon (patch) Freeware 
NA for patches2016-07-17Unknown
Sakura Dungeon - 18+ Patch (patch) Freeware 
NA for patches2016-07-1718+Should be installed after r49432.
Sakura Dungeon (patch) Freeware 
NA for patches2017-08-21UnknownTest translation (0.8)

Translation of UI will be added in future
Sakura Dungeon  Freeware, doujin UnknownNot voiced201718+link