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Kanja S no Kyuusai


TitleKanja S no Kyuusai
Original title患者Sの救済
AliasesThe Salvation of Patient S
DeveloperMada Koubou
PublishersMada Koubou


Togo Mito’s next project. It appears to be based on one of the concepts from his Legend of the Tentacles book of game concepts released way back in 2012. Formally announced in Cool-B Vol. 64 (released 10/3/2015). It will be a multi-platform release just like Hadaka Shitsuji -Past Edition-. Togo Mito insists that this is a more serious title this time (really he swears!).

It’s known as “Candle Syndrome.” It’s a mysterious disease where the body seems to almost melt like a candle due to cellular degeneration. For some reason, it only afflicts young men. The cause is unknown and there are currently no medications or treatments for the disease. And what’s worse is that the disease has a 100% mortality rate within five years…

This story is a classical medical drama about the patients and doctors battling Candle Syndrome re-learning just how precious life and human relationships are…

…yeah right!

The protagonist’s peculiar constitution is discovered when he’s hospitalized… [the doctors] hope that his semen might be the cure for Candle Syndrome!

I’m going to come back from this! I’m going to cum to come back to my life!

[From 19.04s]


TBA18+Kanja S no Kyuusai


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    ProtagonistSasaki Souta
    Main characterMinagawa Manabu
    Main characterMishima Haruki
    Main characterYasuda Mitsuo
    Side characterShibusawa Shuuji

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