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Elisa: The Innkeeper - Prequel
Freeware, commercial1920x1080Not voiced2015-06-15Unknown
Elisa: The Innkeeper - Prequel Enhanced Edition

Freeware, commercial1920x1080Not voiced2016-12-01Unknown- A new set of Artworks (completely remastered by artist Bicio).
- New features and a huge amount of technical and visual upgrades as well as a new user interface.
- Completely redesigned on the basis of feedback from players.
- The game has been also translated to 5 different languages.
Elisa: The Innkeeper

Non-free, doujin1920x1080Not voiced2017-03-28Unknown
Elisa: The Innkeeper H-Rated DLC(patch)FreewareNA for patches2017-06-2118+Free 18+ DLC spinoff that shows what happens between the main game endings and the main game epilogues from different point of views.