Saibiyaku ~Miseijuku na Shoujo o Hatsujou Saseru Kusuri~

催淫薬 ~未成熟な少女を発情させるクスリ~

TitleSaibiyaku ~Miseijuku na Shoujo o Hatsujou Saseru Kusuri~
Original title催淫薬 ~未成熟な少女を発情させるクスリ~
AliasesHypnodisia ~The Drug To Make Immature Girls Ready~
Publishers Dieselmine
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Unattractive and trapped in his career, a company man turns to drugs.
Not on himself, but on high school girls.
The drug is "hypnodisia", inducing estrum in girls who sate their lust on his c*ck.
They might resist, but the instant effect of the drug makes orgasmic slaves of the pretty girls.
Who knew this sort of life was possible......

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