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v19644.452019-12-29 at 03:21esswordTrinolineMedian length is 20 hours. link
v19644.442019-12-22 at 02:15mikiruTrinolineAll routes take more than 30 hours to complete.
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v19644.412018-06-04 at 10:36aquahorseTrinolinewakaranai, what? Instead of sayiong thanks you are angry? Very strange. There are novels who don't have interface, only pictures. I want to improve
v19644.402018-06-04 at 10:34aquahorseTrinolinewakaranai, what? Instead of sayiong thanks you are angry? Very strange. There are novels who don't have interface, only pictures. I want to improve
v19644.392018-06-04 at 04:51wakaranaiTrinolinereverting screenshot edits made by aquahorse. @shinnew i suggest locking this entry to shield it from aquahorse. look at the edit history - half of
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v19644.342018-04-12 at 20:21sumidandaTrinolineadding back a few screenshots from a prior revision. these were perfectly usable and removing them just to upload 18+ event CGs w/o user interface is
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