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Trinoline - Trial Edition  Freeware, commercial 1280x720Unknown2017-01-2718+
Trinoline - Simple Edition  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Unknown2017-03-3118+
Trinoline - Deluxe Edition  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Unknown2017-03-3118+
Trinoline - Trino Edition  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Fully voiced2017-03-3118+An ultra-deluxe box set edition, sold exclusively through minori's web shop.

Includes all content from the Deluxe Edition, along with these bonus goods:
- Bed sheets (approx. 1400 x 2100 mm)
- Three 7" vinyl records containing character songs for each of the main heroines
- Hologrammed MP3 download card for all tracks on aforementioned records
- An original drama CD
- A set of rubberized keychains
- Knitted scarf of the Trinoline logo

Retail price: 30,000 yen
Trinoline  Non-free, commercial UnknownUnknownTBA18+Progress as of June 16th, 2018:
Translation: 100%
Editing: 69%

H-scenes will be with mosaic censorship.
Trinoline - All Ages Edition  Non-free, commercial 1280x720Fully voicedTBAAll agesProgress as of June 16th, 2018:
Translation: 100%
Editing: 69%