Hametoku ★ Orikou JK Pet Hazuki & Ayane ~Gakkou de Seishun!~


TitleHametoku ★ Orikou JK Pet Hazuki & Ayane ~Gakkou de Seishun!~
Original titleハメ得★おりこうJKペット葉月&綾音~学校で性春!~
AliasesHamedoku * Oriko JK Pets Haduki & Ayane
Publishers Pin-Point
Hametoku ★ Orikou JK Pet Ayane & Yuun...


At Shichijo Academy, swim captain Hazuki pushes for excellence every single day.
Male members who she thought quit the team suddenly show up at the pool and begin to harass her...
(She's furious and shouts at them, but a glint in their eyes says this won't end.)
These harassers expect to claim Hazuki and her classmate Ayane as sex slaves.
The boys know Hazuki's weakness... and dirty tricks will win the day!!
Because they're good girls!?
Or... because they're masochists!?

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