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Ja Obeschaju!

Я обещаю!

Я обещаю!
Ja Obeschaju!
Play timeShort (2h48m from 2 votes)
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Deti Zvezdnoj Pyli, VNStat


Scott and his classmates go on a Christmas trip to a mountain resort. They're looking forward to skiing, tubing, snowboarding and much more! But are those the only things waiting for them...?

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By Lavilledieu on 2022-04-13r49952Vote: 6
<report>Preface: This game is a sequel to the game “Great Troubles”. Playing the prequel is however not a necessity. The main thing you’ll miss, is a good introduction of the major characters. To get some sort of introduction of the characters, I advise to make the following choices in the beginning: Go to the hall -> Go to the woods. This might disable Vincent's route.

Summary: This is a very cozy, very soft furry visual novel. It has gay romance, but it’s in such a sweet, cute and wholesome way that it should also appeal straight people. The game is fully sfw. The art is amazing. However, this game isn’t much more than a nice, cozy, happy read. The story isn’t particularly interesting, and the... Read more »
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