Anata wa Watashi no Mono -Do S Kanojo to Do M Kareshi-

貴方ハ私ノモノ -ドS彼女とドM彼氏-

TitleAnata wa Watashi no Mono -Do S Kanojo to Do M Kareshi-
Original title貴方ハ私ノモノ -ドS彼女とドM彼氏-
AliasesYou Belong To Me -Ultra S Girlfriend and Ultra M Boyfriend-
DeveloperSoft Circle Courreges
Publishers Soft Circle Courreges
Related anime[DB] Anata wa Watashi no Mono: Do S Kanojo to Do M K... (OVA, 2017)


"I like you. Will you go out with me?"

It was my first confession. Then,
"...... My bad. I already like someone. Really sorry, tho."

It was my first rejection. The sting was not small.
But I had imagined this outcome. Actually, I guess I kind of expected it.

"I see. Okay. But, I have a feeling we'll meet like this again."

He looked at me with a curious tilt of the head as we went our separate ways.
I liked to watch him on our morning commute.
He had a tough look but a sweet face. Also he was tall and fit. Kind of a dreamboat.

(But that was just his outward appearance. His true nature I knew, I had seen it.)

I'd been taking secret pictures of him for a while. I knew he'd been groped by a woman.

(And yet he hadn't resisted when she touched him.)

Yes, it's rare, but women grope men on the trains. But what surprised me
was the boy I like's reaction. He tolerated her silently, although is face said he
wasn't enjoying it... yes, that's definitely his type.

I understood everything. I could sympathize with both sides, in fact.

Now it was time to do what another woman had done already.

(Because he rejected me.)

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Main character

Voiced byYatsuhashi Kinako