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Blur Asylum: The Heart's Wishes

TitleBlur Asylum: The Heart's Wishes
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)


In 1963, Randall is triggered into a severe depressive episode after receiving a wedding invite from his secret ex-boyfriend in college. Finding himself rather helpless and immobile, Randall seeks professional help from a mental hospital, but as there is no space at the time, he is sent to Blur Asylum where he meets two interesting inmates. However, it is possible that he may never be able to check out once committed and death awaits around every corner, or is that love?



English (1)
2016-05-30Blur Asylum: The Heart's Wishes

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Randall ThomasProtagonist
Adolf HertzMain character
Bowie SandersMain character

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Blur Asylum: The Heart's Wishes

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