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Bias {biAs+} Azakeru Koe ga Kikoeru

バイアス {biAs+}嗤笑ける幻音が聴こえる

TitleBias {biAs+} Azakeru Koe ga Kikoeru
Original titleバイアス {biAs+}嗤笑ける幻音が聴こえる
Aliasesバイアス{biAs+} 嗤笑ける幻音が聞こえる, バイアス 〜嗤笑ける幻音(こえ)が聴こえる〜
DeveloperIchi Hime & Studio Jikkenshitsu
PublishersG Spot & Speed & Dennou Club


Main character suffers from nightmares of unknown cause about insults. He stays awake to avoid them and becomes paranoid because of that. As time goes girls in contact with him start to see these devilish nightmares as well...

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2003-06-0618+Bias {biAs+} Azakeru Koe ga Kikoeru
2003-06-0618+Bias {biAs+} Azakeru Koe ga Kikoeru - Download Edition
2004-06-2418+Bias {biAs+} Azakeru Koe ga Kikoeru - DVDPG


Full character list

Character summary

Ritsumaru EisakuProtagonist
Hinogami ToonoMain character
Voiced by Sumoto Ayana
Houmatsu RuriMain character
Voiced by Hokuto Minami
Kawamura MomoMain character
Voiced by Houjou Asuka
Ootori KanakoMain character
Voiced by Kaibara Elena

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